4 Ways to Arrange Art Above a desk

Hey there, lovely! Isn't it amazing how a touch of creativity can totally transform your workspace? Let's chat about one often overlooked spot where you can sprinkle some magic: the space above your desk! Whether you're all about those lightbulb moments, getting things done, or just love a space that makes you smile, arranging art above your desk can work wonders. Join me in this blog as we explore 4 super friendly ways to jazz up that wall, turning your workspace into the ultimate haven of productivity and inspiration!

Here are my favs!


Use these layouts as guides for your next wall art transformation. Trust me, having a theme, playing with similar colors, and using 2-3 picture frame shapes keeps things crystal clear and eye-catching. Oh, and have you checked out our wall art collection? We try to design most pieces as pairs or to add to other themes.So if you're on the hunt for girly therapeutic, motivation, or affirmation quotes wall art, guess what? We've got you covered! Start here - Shop Wall art

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