Robes are not just for luxury, it's also a necessity!

If you are anything like me, your self care routine includes a hot bath ( with epsom salts , baking soda and a few drops of lavender essential oil, my fav!! ) and some time reading or being still in the tub. You might even have candles burning to secure the relaxation vibe.

The problem is that once you get out of the bath, that breeze is real! And there goes the vibe. Hence why you need.... A robe! This post will tell you why every woman needs one and how to find the perfect one for your self care regimen. So read on ladies!
A robe is a garment worn after bathing, swimming or changing in between clothing in order to cover the naked body and get warm. It's not just for luxury, it's also a necessity!
A robe provides warmth and modesty without the hassle of getting dressed again. There are many different types available but they all serve the same purpose: To provide you with that sense of comfort that you deserve after a long day.
Never underestimate the power of a good robe. I learned this lesson when I started designing robes to add to my brand. Not only did customers love them, but more importantly, it made me realize that I wanted to make women feel beautiful, so I started selling artsy robes. Why Artsy? Art is the chocolate muffin of life. I love muffins lol.

101 reasons why every woman needs a Maison jiji robe

1. A robe is a must for any home.
2. Selfie approved.
3. You will want to wear it all day long!
4. Select a robe that matches your personality or interests - such as line art if you're into fashion or banana leafs if you enjoy the outdoors
5. We design robes that make great bridal party or mommy and me photo shoots.
6. You'll never regret having this piece of clothing in your closet - trust me ;)
7. Robes are a perfect thing to slip on after a long day.
8. It can be worn as you walk around your house, or even just for lounging in bed.
9. It's easy to wash and dry - just throw it in the washer with your other clothes and hang it up to dry!
10. And they're also great for company if they stay overnight!
11. Who doesn't love getting a new artsy robe as a gift ?! ;)
12. The best part about robes are how versatile they are
13. They can be worn as regular clothing (just not outside!)
14. Or used strictly as sleepwear lol
........101 lol.
Whether you live in a dorm, apartment or house robes are a must have item! it’s always nice to have an extra robe around (there will always be one clean and ready for use when needed). Browse our website today and pick out your favorite styles before they sell out, Okurrr! Shop robes today
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