What does self-love mean to me

What does self-love mean to me

Before we talk more about this topic let me make something clear: I am NOT a doctor nor am I holding myself to be a licensed therapist /physician, but rather someone who is sharing some advice on life from personal experience and reading. The information provided in or through this post is solely as a self-help guide for your own use. If there’s any question in your mind as if whether or not professional help is necessary please seek out the appropriate help that's needed.


Ok! Let's go.... When I think about loving yourself, what comes to mind? Do I see a woman who is confident in her appearance, taking care of herself and feeling happy with herself? Or do I think of someone who is self-critical, unhappy and not satisfied with how they look?

1. Self-love does not mean that we are always happy with our lives or have it all together.

2. Self love is not always a warm and fuzzy feeling. It's hard, it's painful, it's difficult to do sometimes.

The journey of self-love is a never ending one.

First I'm going to say "that self love is the most important gift you can give yourself". If you don't love yourself, who gon love you boo? and we need to start loving ourselves while still experiencing challenges. What matters most in life is how we handle those challenges. It means being challenged and finding peace within the journey that YOU are on.

There's always going to be many ways to make yourself happy but I would suggest seeking to understand your why ( passion and purpose) and learning who the real "YOU" is .

It's time to face "the man in the mirror" ...you get the quote.
If there's one thing I want everyone to take away from this post, it's that self-love isn't just some feel good idea or moment - it has real life implications on your mental health too. So go ahead and start loving you! But what do I know?
Anyhow life is hard enough as it is, always try your best to love yourself ( and others ) even if things are difficult at the moment because one day that will change for you too. Xo Jiji
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